Welcome to the High School!

Education is a team effort, and Maryknoll parents, teachers, administrators and students are all critical team members. In order for us to maintain the rich traditions of quality education, the cooperation of all these team members is essential.

The Coalition of Essential Schools

The Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is a growing national network of schools that increases student achievement by supporting the rethinking of priorities and the redesigning of curriculum and assessment. Maryknoll School joined the coalition in 1995 and is the premiere member in the State of Hawaii.

The Common Principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools
One of the central beliefs of the Coalition is that no two schools are alike. Maryknoll is designed to meet the needs of its own community in an effort to create 21st Century learners, leaders and citizens of character. Maryknoll uses the Coalition’s Common Principles to guide the design of school programs. Linking well with our own school’s ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results), the Common Principles are:

  • Learning to use one’s mind well

  • Less is more, depth over coverage

  • Goals apply to all students

  • Personalization of teaching and learning

  • Student as worker, teacher as coach

  • Demonstration of mastery

  • Tone of decency and trust

  • Commitment to the entire school

  • Resources dedicated to teaching and learning

  • Democracy and equity