Welcome Students!

This page is the "Student Portal". As a Maryknoll student, you should be able find the information you need in just a few clicks from here.

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President's Message is a word from our school president.

Summer 2014 has information on our summer programs.

Minimum Laptop Requirements shows what kind of computer you should get for your student.

Community Service link to community service requirements

College Guidance helps map our your student's educational future.

NetClassroom takes you to our online grades used by the High School and Middle School.

Athletics highlights our Spartan sports and lists all practice and game information.

Grade School introduces you to our pre-kindergarten through 8th grade levels.

High School introduces you to our high school division, a leader in the Coalition of Essential Schools.

Food Service lists all lunch and snack menus.

PTG is home to our Parent Teacher Guild.

Kekumano Dinner is the premiere fundraiser for our school.

Alumni Directory can help you find any of our alumni.

Knoller is our alumni magazine.