Grade School Uniforms

All Maryknoll School students are required to follow a dress code. School is the workplace for our students; therefore the norms of attire are different from the casual apparel worn outside of school.

The attire of students and the pride they show in their appearance contribute greatly to their attitude in class and respect they earn. Research indicates that students who dress neatly and formally perform better in school.

The dress code is in effect when students arrive on campus until they leave. Consequences for students in violation of the dress code can include detention, suspension (with permission to return to class when appropriately dressed), and parent notification. When there is disagreement in interpreting the dress code, the Dean of Students, Vice Principal or Principal determines if a student is acceptably dressed.

Dennis Uniform Co. is the exclusive supplier of uniforms for Maryknoll School. The School reserves the right to disallow items purchased elsewhere. Aloha Island Uniforms, a division of Dennis Uniform Co., has a local outlet.

Aloha Island Uniforms has moved from Kaimuki to Nimitz.

Gentry Pacific Design Center, Suite 118
560 North Nimitz Highway
Honolulu, HI 96817

Phone: 808-396-9318
Toll Free: 888-396-9318
Fax: 808-396-9319

Contact Mr. Gus Lactaoen at (808) 396-9318 for more information.

For ordering information, click here to go to the Dennis Uniform Co. website for grades K-8. For grades 9-12, visit the Dennis Uniform website by clicking here.

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